3pH Detailing Wash


What is the #Labocosmetica combined 3pH car wash cycle?

In washing, every meticulous cleaning action is essential. Often, however, to remove the dirt and contamination that has settled on the bodywork, you need a product with a specific pH.

With the use of the combined pH washing cycle of #Labocosmetica we will obtain the following advantages:

Alkaline pH

We start washing using PRÌMUS 2.0 in PreWash mode, differentiating it in the winter season in the presence of more dirt in a 1:30 dilution while in the summer season when the dirt is less in a 1:50 dilution. It can be used as a pre-treatment diluted 1:5 or 1:10 in the areas where the most dirt is deposited, such as the lower part of the doors, the lower part of the trunk or for the removal of midges residues on the front.

Acidic pH

After having carried out the pre-wash, let’s dispense the PURÌFICA decontaminating shampoo, we will dispense it in foam mode in 1:60 dilution starting from the bottom up. PURÌFICA can also be used as a 1:10 diluted pre-treatment for those areas most exposed, such as the lower part of the doors and the lower rear of the trunk, to the deposit of minerals such as salt and water residues as often happens in the winter season.

Neutral pH

SÈMPER – Neutral pH Shampoo
SÈMPER ensures a smooth and safe wash with its wax-free, lubricated formula. Its foam dissolves and suspends dirt, removing it gently. Use in a 1:1000 dilution to maintain the decontaminating action of PURÌFICA.

REVÌTAX – Neutral pH Protective Shampoo
REVÌTAX, a versatile sealing shampoo, completes the 3pH protection cycle. It washes, seals, and protects, extending coating life and providing gloss on untreated cars for up to 4 months. Use in a 1:100 dilution in foam, pressure pump, or bucket mode.

Contaminants can reduce protection or even make you think that previously applied protection has disappeared.

The combined 3pH washing system by #Labocosmetica, thanks to the different pH of the products used, frees the protective agent present on the vehicle from dirt and various contaminations: in fact, each pH acts on different dirt and contaminations.

The watchword is always sweetness: aggression here does not reward. Being delicate and using the right products and accessories is the way to the perfect wash.