AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch
AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch

AMPLock BA - Heavy Duty Lock for Lunette Ring Hitch

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  • Security level: ULTIMATE
  • 5 Years Waranty
  • Use: Hitch Ring Only
  • Weight: 2 1/2": 8.5 pounds / 3" : 10.2 pounds
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*** It is important to select the right coupler for your trailer ***

Enhance your trailer security with AMPLock's precision-crafted Lunette Ring Lock, molded to seamlessly fit the unique contours of your 2 1/2" or 3" inches trailer coupler when unhitched.

Crafted from top-tier materials, our lock ensures robust rust resistance, making it a reliable choice for all climates.

Simplify your security routine with AMPLock's user-friendly push-and-lock system, providing effortless and efficient protection.

Unleash the ultimate safeguard for your trailer lunette ringAMPLock's strongest lock, fortified with high-quality materials and a cutting-edge control and identification key system.

Elevate your security game with AMPLock today.

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Fortify Your Trailer Security with AMPLOCK's Lunette Ring Lock

levate your peace of mind with our precision-engineered Lunette Ring Lock, meticulously designed to snugly fit your 2 1/2 or 3 inches trailer coupler when unhitched. Crafted from premium materials, our lock ensures optimal rust resistance, making it the ideal choice for any climate. Experience effortless security with AMPLOCK's intuitive push-and-lock system, simplifying the protection of your trailer. Trust in the strength and reliability of AMPLOCK's strongest lock, equipped with advanced control and identification key systems. Upgrade your trailer security today and unlock unparalleled peace of mind with AMPLOCK


Lunette Ring Hitch 2 1/2" or 3" inches.


Angle Grinder

Slow down all cutting type attemps and resist longer to portable power tools with a mass material of 10 pounds heavy.

Massive Impact

High security lock that absorbs massive and repeated shocks by folding then bumping after impacts instead of breaking.

Plasma Cutter Torch

Combination of materials that are comfortable with hot flush as it would take thousands of degrees before reaching their melting points


Complex internal mechanism made of premium material and containing multiple discs that must be rotated to a precise angle. Highly resistant to picking attemps. The lock cannot be open if a single disc is misaligned.


Keyhole extremely hard to compromise with a rotative face that prevent drilling attemps and wisely placed to make it difficult to access for theifs. The set of 2 keys provide with the lock takes part in the increased level of security with unique key code & number on potential of millions of key combinations.

Extreme Weather

Reliable coupler lock in every climate with additional treatment as e-coat and electrostatic paint.

Dual-Key Technology

Paired with two keys and a unique security code boasting millions of combinations, this multi-layered approach ensures robust protection. The swivel design not only prevents tampering but also adds an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access. Your valuables are secured by a cutting-edge system prioritizing convenience and unmatched protection.


Our trailer hitch locks are manufactured with surgical precision from our proprietary machines that combine state-of-the-art technology and the latest advancements in CNC machining, and operated by our team of skilled engineers and technicians.

More than a huge piece of metal perfectly tailored to your towing equipment, each AMPLock is a smart and unique assembly of the most advanced security components.

Patented Mechanism

Engineered for resilience, it defies a range of attacks, from saws and drills to torch cuts and liquid nitrogen. Your ultimate fortress, this lock offers peace of mind with unparalleled protection. Choose Amplock for an impenetrable shield against a wide array of threats, ensuring your valuables remain secure in any circumstance.

Push And Lock. That's All.

1: Open the lock. 2: Place the Lock. 3: Push Firmly the cylinder.

Important Notice

Morice Shop & AMPLOCK are not insurer, and the protection provided by its products is limited and not absolute in case of theft. Therefore, its responsibility is expressly limited to the warranty relating to manufacturing defects. AMPLOCK. reserves the right to modify the manufacturing and/or characteristics and/or design of its products without prior notice, or incur the obligation to exchange the products already sold.