AMPLock sets new standards in trailer security with its innovative approach.

Our custom-fit design, robust materials, and precision manufacturing deliver unmatched resistance and deterrence capabilities. Endorsed by experts and industry-tested, our advanced security solutions have inspired the development of many non-conventional trailer locks.


Turn Your Trailer Into A Bunker

Today, more than 250,000 trailers are protected by customers who trust the quality and durability of AMP Lock. Each lock has been created to fit the perfect size and shape of any trailer coupler/trailer door hinge/hitch.



AMPLocks are built from top-quality treated ductile cast iron and high-grade stainless steel sourced solely from North America. These materials are chosen for their outstanding mechanical properties, ensuring strong performance and durability. Certified highly resistant after rigorous testing for impact, vibration, elasticity, corrosion, and more, AMPLocks offer enhanced security and reliability.



AMPLock trailer hitch locks are crafted with precision using state-of-the-art CNC machining technology. Operated by our skilled team, they ensure optimal material properties are maintained. Each lock undergoes rigorous finishing processes for enhanced durability. More than just metal, every AMPLock is an advanced security assembly, delivering unparalleled protection for your towing equipment.


Lock Picking Lawyer Review

It's one of the beefiest trailer locks i've ever seen. Everything is made of thick solide steel and i think it's so much stronger than the coupler it secures that making anything beefier would definitely be gilding the lily.

Dual-Key Technology

Paired with two keys and a unique security code boasting millions of combinations, this multi-layered approach ensures robust protection. The swivel design not only prevents tampering but also adds an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access. Your valuables are secured by a cutting-edge system prioritizing convenience and unmatched protection.


Trailer lock design is crucial for deterrence. Unlike universal locks vulnerable to bypass, AMPLock's custom-fit designs, made from OEM trailer hitch parts, provide a snug fit, acting as a protective metal skin. Featuring a sealed, sophisticated mechanism with a security key and a rotative face, they offer enhanced security.

Attack Proof.

Engineered for resilience, it defies a range of attacks, from saws and drills to torch cuts and liquid nitrogen. Your ultimate fortress, this lock offers peace of mind with unparalleled protection. Choose Amplock for an impenetrable shield against a wide array of threats, ensuring your valuables remain secure in any circumstance.